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Friday, September 5, 2014

Getting Spiritually Fed on a Mom Budget

I am not one to say, "Time is money."  However, money and time do have a lot in common, for one thing, they are both finite resources.  You must budget because once they run out, it's over.  There are only 24 hours in a day and there is no way to change that.  While you could work a couple more hours or pick up a side job to earn some extra money, there is no way to earn extra hours of the day.  As a mom, time is even more precious.  Our time is not our own and so we must seek good resources that will nourish our soul and still fit into our time constraints.  Below are seven quick takes to get you fed spiritually, and just to make sure they are easy on your financial budget, too, they are all free!

 7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 230)

YouTube is a very underutilized resource for spiritual growth.  While not everything on YouTube is acceptable, nor recommended; there is much that can help in your walk of faith. The best, quick resource is the collection of Father Barron videos from Word on Fire.  each video is only a few minutes long, but inspiring and informative.  If you have a bit longer, check out Scott Hahn's talks, which are usually under an hour. Just have a notebook ready, Mr. Hahn is a very well read and knowledgeable man, he has so much information to share.

 Catholic apps allow moms to access great teaching and inspiration on the go.  If you have five minutes to spend while picking up or dropping off the kids you can read the daily Mass readings, find a favorite prayer, read the current Catholic news stories, or even learn about the life of a saint.   My favorite is Catholic Companion, but there are many more.  Most are free, but if you have a bit of money to spend, check out this beautiful Divine Office app.

E-books have the advantages of not cluttering up your home, costing significantly less, and usually being shorter reads than print published books. Grab your favorite e-reader and check out the collections of free reads from the Catholic eBook Project, St Patrick's Basilica, and Two Hearts Network

EWTN is a wonderful ministry that has touched millions of lives.  Even if you so not have cable, you can watch it's beautiful and uplifting programming. Just visit the "watch live" tab on the homepage and stream the programs in real time.  It is also possible to stream EWTN radio. You can also download the EWTN app to watch the programs via wi-fi on the go.  I hope to get back into this routine, my children and I really enjoy many of the family programs, we just often forget to tune in at the correct times.  If you can't watch live, there are an number of programs available on the EWTN YouTube channel.  

 Catholic blogs are a great support network for mothers and I have highlights many of my favorites in past posts.  Another one I would recommend is

I have really enjoyed being able to follow my favorite blogs through Facebook, it floods my news feed with positive messages and helps me keep up with all of them, even if I don't always get to read every post.  

Have a bit of faith and inspiration delivered to your Inbox or cellphone.  Join Flocknote to receive a "daily tidbit of Catholic faith" everyday through email.   The Knights of Columbus also offer "My Catechism Day by Day."  There are also a number of Bible SMS services that will text a bible verse to you.  I have subscribed to one of these and it is always nice to get a message with a biblical verse, usually comes just when I need it, too.  I have not been able to find a solely Catholic service, however.  I also encourage you to join JoyNotes and receive joyful and uplifting letters each week from the Poor Clares in Spokane, WA.

Go to church!  All of the high-tech, modern devices are wonderful and having a library of spiritual books is lovely but really to get grounded in God, we must spend time with Him.  Stop into your church for a few quiet moments, visit an adoration chapel for even fifteen minutes, take a Sunday afternoon walk at a shrine, or work it out with your husband to let you show up alone a bit early or stay a little later for Sunday Mass.  Spending some quiet, prayerful moments will draw you closer to the LORD and refresh your soul.

For more ideas, visit my Pinterest board for Moms.

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