I am a wife to my high school sweetheart and together we are raising our four miraculous children, with three more tiny saints to pray for us in Heaven.  I have been homeschooling for seven years.  We use an eclectic approach with classical influences.  I have a deep passion for orphans and suffering children, as well as for our Church, our Country, and our liberty.  My father had always wanted me to be a journalist. I wrote for the school newspaper in high school and college, trying to convince myself I liked it, but failed miserably. However, I have always enjoyed writing and researching. My mom always said that I had a "flair" for writing and language.  So here I am, writing a blog. I don't think this is what either of them had in mind but I hope that they are smiling on this little pet project from Heaven.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any questions, please email me at jennifer(dot)veilsandvocations(at)gmail(dot)com. God bless!

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