Let Me Write for You!

Do you need a writer for your blog or company website?

Do you like what you see here and need help writing for your own blog but don't know where to start?

Blogging is something that came about as happenstance but a creative outlet has become my business. A thriving business it is! I have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities.

Veils and Vocations is my personal blogs, however I also write for several clients providing guest posts, ghost writing, and blog management.

Content marketing is the name of the digital age. Where does all the content come from, though?

It is created. It is crafted. It is work, but it is also a joy for me!

Learn more through a free one-on-one content marketing strategy session!

I can confidently provide you or your company with the following services:
  • Editing
  • Blog post creation
  • Ghostwriting (Content in your voice and your name)
  • Article writing
  • Copy writing

"I enlisted Jennifer's help to write my about page for my website. She did a wonderful job staying true to my story and maintaining my voice while also promoting my services in a subtle way. I published my about page as soon as I received it from her, I was so happy with it! Thanks a lot, Jennifer."
Angela Tyler of Content Studio

That's from Angela, just one of my many satisfied clients.  

There are millions of people out on the Internet, are they finding you? Do you want them to?

Providing high quality content is the key way to make casual Internet surfers into fans and clients. 
Are you wondering how to provide that content? Do you just not have the extra time to do it?

Quality, timely, well written, and engaging content is my specialty.

Here are some other examples of my work:

Are you ready to take the next step? Please contact me here to discover your new content.

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