Thursday, July 16, 2015

{p, h, f, r} The Beautiful Doll Edition

I was recently asked to do a post about a new doll company and thought, "Why not make it into a {p, h, f, r} post?"  I am a doll lover!!! ( I know, technically, I cannot love a doll because it is incapable of sharing emotions, but the English language is so limited in this capacity).  So I am pleased to introduce Dolls from Heaven and their heavenly dolls.


The picture speaks for itself as far as beauty, but let me add a little information.  This is the first prototype doll.  She is St Therese.  Who doesn't love St Therese?  (Yes, I know I used the same word, and this time it was genuine, lets come up with a new, useful word to add to our lexicon instead of all these texting abbreviations, please!) She is gorgeous.  Her habit is well designed with much attention to detail.  At $100, she easily competes with those other 18" dolls that are quickly loosing their appeal in my opinion.  This is a doll that can be treasured for many years and speak to a child's heart!


  I am happy that the company has designed a second outfit for the doll as well as lovely accessories.  The second outfit, which is so beautiful, is only $28.  That is a bargain compared to many doll clothes on the market and so much more appealing. I really appreciate dolls that inspire imagination, who lead girls away from the everyday and to a kinder, gentler place.  I also really appreciate that she comes with a book, a story to bring the dolls to life.


My daughter has been systematically giving away all of her doll collection--not that she was ever much of a doll aficionado.  She had a couple, but they were mostly just around to ride the toy horses, which were the main attraction.  I am pining to own one of these beautiful dolls and searching for a reason that I must buy one!  Every time I see I beautiful, Catholic, doll accessory or outfit, I try very hard to talk Cowgirl into reconsidering her position on playing with dolls.  It isn't working.  BUT, I see that there are some male saint dolls in the works as well.  I'm thinking that Little Man will need one of these at some point--whether he wants it or not!  LOL!   Unless an 18" doll is an appropriate gift for a blogger turning 40 in less than a year--not that I know any bloggers turning 40, I'm only 29.  My husband can attest to it ;)  (I'm hoping St Peter can overlook that little white lie.) 


Without your support, this faithfilled and beautiful venture will not get off the ground.  Please consider pre-ordering a doll or book or even just donating a bit of money to help this family fulfill their dream.   Go to their Indegogo campaign page and do your part in bringing light into this dark world for our children.  Thank you!


  1. I'm spreading the word. She's charming.

  2. LOL! Your daughter sounds like mine. Only mine is almost 30! Thankfully she was always more interested in horses, though I guess they ended up costing way more than dolls would. I am definitely over 40 and consider an 18" saint doll to be a perfectly appropriate gift to one's self.

    1. Thank you. As we say at the barn, it's better to be horse crazy than boy crazy. God bless!