Friday, May 12, 2017

Homeschool Tips in #7QT

School is almost out over here at the Academy of St Therese for the Glories of God.  It has me thinking quite a bit about next year.  There is so much I want to do, but only so many hours in a day and these kids are growing like weeds!  Here are some tips to keep the homeschool ball rolling AND enjoy your children's childhood.

Linking up with Kelly this fine Friday.

Tip #1 Take time outside the classroom.  We have had a crazy year with the new baby and all so I have felt more guilty than usual taking a day off to do something different.  However, those field trips and projects are still learning.  They are also special memories! 

Tip # 2 Don' be afraid to change the plan. We've all been there.  The year's plan is meticulously done.  You envision a year full of growth and success beyond your wildest dreams, and then it happens.  That perfect book/program/course just isn't working.  Everyone is miserable--but what about the plan?  Man plans, God laughs!  

When it isn't working, be willing to change.  Maybe it needs a different approach.  Perhaps your child needs to jump ahead, or step back a bit.  Whatever it is, be willing to be flexible.  In the end it will be for the best.

Tip #3 When it isn't working read a good book or two!  This one I borrowed from Andrew Pudewa and it is my go to tip.  Books are so much more than reading practice.  Lose yourself in some good literature.  Learn while you spend some quiet time together.  Regroup and move on!

Tip #4 Trust your instinct!  You know your child better than anyone.  Plus,  even the best curricula is written in a one size fits all fashion.  If you know your child could succeed if she only got x, y, and z but your instructions say to do r and q, go with your gut. Wish I could have told that to my homeschooling newbie-self.

Tip #5  Foster your child's interests and his God-given skills.  We all want our child to have a successful and prosperous future.  Let's be honest, though, not everyone is meant to be a lawyer, doctor, or engineer.  God made each of us unique, and that is a blessing. It not only makes the world go around, it keeps life interesting.  Make time and space in your lesson plans for your child to explore what excites him.  Who knows, that could just be his calling?

Tip #6  Let someone else do the teaching!  This has been a huge sanity saver and has also greatly enriched our experience.  I am test driving several online resources for next year, but I also have to give a plug to really good movies. I know, I know--screen time!  

Well, I am one who seriously limits screen time but I use the tie my kids do spend plugged in to enhance their learning.  I am always on the hunt for new videos--especially since my children can pretty much recite the entire script of favorites like Liberty's Kids and Wild Kratts.

Pure Flix has a nice selection of Christian movies, especially education videos that I plan to learn more about.  Check out their suggestions below!

Tip #7  Remember the ultimate goal is leading your child to Heaven, not just graduation! 

Do you have any tips to share?  I'd love to hear them.


  1. I love your #7! Perspective is everything when homeschooling.