Thursday, August 3, 2017

Feature Thursday: Printable Stationery

Did you miss Beauty Tuesday?  If so, please check it out.

Today is another Feature Thursday where I tell you more about the items in our etsy shop.  Have you seen our new line of printable stationery?  These were designed by Cowgirl. She has been taking graphic design classes and so enjoying them.

A few months ago, she asked if she could design something for the shop.  After a bit of brainstorming and so intense computer time, she showed me her first set of designs.

These are currently available at the shop and I will soon be adding another batch that she just finished.

Single design downloads are $2.99.  Muli-design packs are $5.99.

If you have not joined our Facebook page, please do.  We post secret sales, coupon codes, and more.  In a couple of weeks we will be hosting a giveaway package of several of the stationery downloads.  Please join in on the fun!

Also, we really enjoy custom orders and the opportunity to serve our customers in that way.  If there is a particular design you would like for stationery, please just drop us a line.  For only $1 more, you can have a personalized download of your very own.  Thank you so much.

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