Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Five Favs: Clothes for Tweens

So I have been working on this for awhile.  Not only was it difficult to find places with modest clothes for tweens, finding time to write all of this out has seemed nearly impossible.  The terrible virus we had last week really knocked us for a loop.  We have never been so sick and are still recovering.  However, the weather is amazing right now and the kids have just run outside to bask in the fading sunshine after a very full day of co-op.  This is my shot, hope I can get it done. Linking up with Ashley.



Still one of my favorites is Lands End.  I considered pulling them off this list after they ran a four page centerfold special on Gloria Steinmen.  However, they have apologized and pulled the article.  I believe somewhere in upper management there is a struggle going on at Lands End between keeping the business model that has made them so popular and re-inventing themselves by adopting a new, hip, persona.  Thankfully so far the traditional ways have won out.  

What I like about Lands End is that their children's clothes go up to size 16 in clothing and 7.5 in shoes.  This means that most tweens are covered.   Speaking of covered, they have the modest bathing suits that I have seen, save the specially designed, purposely modest ones.  This year, they unveiled a line of swim dresses and have been expanding their woman's suits selection to include more modest options.  Also, while most stores that design one outfit for little girls and big girls force four-year-olds to dress like fourteen-year-olds (or worse), Lands End designs all the outfits to look like, well kids' clothes not teen runway models.  Their quality is second to none, as is their customer service.


In my endless searching--I cannot even tell you how many sites I previewed--I discovered Mikaose Boutique.  They have a wide selection of youthful jackets, sweaters, skirts, and bathing suits beginning in size XS for women.  In addition, there is a nice little selection of girls' dresses that go up to size 16. Their prices are very reasonable.  I am definitely going to be shopping there with Cowgirl, soon.


If you are looking for casual clothes, my favorite from my search is JenClothing.  I especially like the long Bermuda shorts for Women and Men that start at size 1 for ladies--making them a great option for tweens.  I do wish that they had a kids version available, however, as of yet they do not.  Please be advised that this is a Mormon site, as are many modest clothing outlets.  Regardless of what you think of their belief system, I must say that the Mormons preach modesty and actually deliver by opening shops specifically geared toward modest dress.  I wish some Catholic clothing designers would do the same.


For denim skirts that aren't the old hum drum type, I recommend Apostolic Clothing.  So many designs to choose from! I also appreciate their selection of tops that are grouped by sleeve length and include a number of layering tops.  Layering tops, ones that are thin enough to comfortably be worn under other clothes, make modest dressing so much easier because you can cover up and then layer on a trendy top, keeping up with the latest fashions while still maintaining your dignity.


Speaking of changing clothing up a bit to keep within your comfort zone, have you heard of eShakti? This is a perfect choice for more formal clothing for events, holidays, and dances.  For less than $10, you can have a dress customized in areas such as sleeve length, skirt length, neckline, and openness of back.  Have you ever seen a dress and wished it was just a little longer, just a little less low cut, etc?  We all have.  Now you have options.  As an added bonus, all dresses are fitted to your height at no extra charge.  That means that if you select a knee length dress, it will be knee length whether you are 5'0" or 5' 11".  How great is that?  Many of the dresses are a bit pricey, but they are custom made and there are always plenty in the sale category.  Cowgirl is hoping to get a dress for Buddy's Communion from here.  If I had known about it sooner, I would have, too!  However, I already purchased my dress. 

Have any others to share?  Where is your favorite place to shop for modest clothing?  Thanks for stopping by!

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